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We are glad you are here! Lifestyle Pets is essentially a dog blog that focuses on pet health and wellness.

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Although we tend to think highly of our canine friends, we also enjoy talking about animal care for lots of different types of pets. Speaking of, two of the most popular categories on our site are dog breeds and cat breeds.

We try to take the guesswork out of adopting a furry friend, by giving you the basic characteristics of each of the dog breeds and cat breeds we have listed. Can’t find the breed you are looking for? Check back soon, as we are just getting started with our pet directory.

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Top Dog Apps

Dog apps are a great tool for all dogs and their families. If you are like many dog lovers, you may be looking for a way to connect to dog-related information in a quick and easy fashion. Dog apps are the perfect solution for this! So here we go, charge up your...

Protecting Your Pets: A Guide to Home Safety

In This Article 1. Common Household Dangers for Pets2. Food Safety for Pets3. How to Pet-Proof Your Home4. Safety for Specialty and Exotic Pets5. Pet Safety During A Natural Disaster6. Conclusion If you are happy to have a pet as a member of your family, you are not...

Dog Urine Killing Grass: What to Do

Also known as lawn burn, this happens when dog urine kills grass. Perhaps you have gotten a new dog and are noticing small brown patches in your yard and are left to wonder, “Does dog urine kill grass?” The answer is yes, it can. Why does dog urine kill grass? It is...

“Puppies Are Dicks” What?

A book with an unforgettable name, “Puppies Are Dicks” was written by Eric Sims. Why does the author have such a strong opinion about puppies? Perhaps it is because puppies from a dog store come from a puppy mill or a breeder. Puppy owners spend hundreds or even...