Large Dog Breeds

Many people enjoy owning large dog breeds, especially if they are living in a rural area or in the suburbs. Typically, large dog breeds need lots of room to exercise as they like to run and play. Some of the large dog breeds such as the sporting breeds need space to run. This is why for some large dog breeds, apartment life is just not ideal. However, some large dog breeds can learn to adapt if their owner makes sure to walk them often and take them to dog parks to run. Overall, large dog breeds are usually happiest when they have a lot of freedom.

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According to the American Kennel Club, the number of large dog breeds registered by their owners has declined in the past few decades. This is because more and more people have chosen to own small and medium-sized dogs.
Nevertheless, the Labrador Retriever still remains number one in the registration statistics. Another of the large dog breeds, the German Shepherd comes in a close second. Both of these dogs are known to be good with children and they are patient and playful.
Many large dog breeds make great watchdogs or guard dogs. As with all dogs, it is important to do your homework to make sure the breed you have chosen is well-suited for your lifestyle. Many large dog breeds are particularly good at dog training. Some of the most intelligent, most trainable breeds fall into the large dog breed category. They often enjoy learning and work hard to please their owners.