First on the list is the Midwest Quiet Time Deluxe Bagel Bed. Available in three colors, this bed is a haven of comfort for your spoiled pooch. It is soft as can be, and fully washable. Also, it is a great way to keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summertime. It is tufted, and overstuffed with a polyester fiber material. Another excellent way to keep your dog cool during the summer months is the Soothsoft Innovations Canine Cooler. It is filled with a cooling fluid that your dog will love laying on. If it gets dirty, you just wipe it clean.

It is the only bed that can actually treat and comfort injuries. Another perfect place for your pooch to lay is the Kittywalk Puppywalk Breezy Bed. Designed to be used outdoors, this breezy bed is elevated off of the ground to let air flow all around it. Keeping your dog off of the ground will keep fleas, ticks and pests away from his fur. It also offers overhead sun and rain protection.

When it is time to take your doggy with you in the car, protect your backseat area with the Bergan Hammock Style Seat Protector. It attaches to the back of the front and back seat area for full coverage. Also, it is made of a microfiber material with a waterproof backing. It is designed to keep your dogs from falling off of the seat and onto the floor in the backseat. Does your dog need more exercise than you are able to give him? Look no further than the Dog Pacer Dog Treadmill. It is the only dog treadmill that folds away for easy storage and it weighs only 80 lbs. It has a computer that comes complete with pre-set dog fitness programs. Perhaps your little dog needs a little help getting up onto your bed or on her favorite chair.

She needs Pup Step Wood Dog Steps to help her out. They are plenty sturdy as they are designed to hold dogs up to 200 lbs. They even have safety rails on the side. Attractive to look at, these stairs can also be folded away for easy storage. When it is chow time, there are two products that a dog owner will appreciate. The first is the PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain in Red. It continuously circulates fresh drinking water for your pet. This fountain holds up to 70 ounces of water. Its ceramic design is designed to look great in your home. Next, you will appreciate the Baron Heavy Duty Raised Dog Bowl. The large size has up to a 3 quart capacity. The stainless steel bowl is held in place on a sturdy wrought iron stand.

Do you wish your dog could run free, without you having to worry about him getting out of your yard? You will enjoy the luxury of buying an electric fence. Here is how it works. There are wireless and wired versions available, and both have their own advantages. For the inground version, the wire is buried around a perimeter in your yard. A special collar worn by your dog communicates with a transmitter, located indoors. As your dog approaches the perimeter, he is given a sound and a vibration to warn him he is getting close to the border.

If he tries to run through the border, he will receive a mild static shock. He will learn quickly where the boundaries are. Once he is able to roam freely around your yard without being on a leash, you are sure to notice how much happier your dog can be.