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Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door
A simple solution for letting your cat in and out
Fits in your existing sliding door track. No installation is necessary
Other animals can get in too

Perfect Pet

Soft Flap Cat Door with Telescoping Frame
Cost effective cat door to install in a door
Has a tamper-proof mounting system. Cannot be removed from the outside
Made completely of plastic

Kitty Pass

Interior Cat Door
Designed to be used on an interior door
Allows your cat to go where the litterbox is
Is only large enough for smaller cats


Interior Pet Door
Features a removable brush that grooms your cat
Made in the USA
Only designed for smaller cats

Cat Mate

Large Door
A great choice for larger cats
Has 4 locking mechanisms to choose from
Made entirely of plastic

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Every product we review is purchased with our own funds. No freebies are ever accepted from product manufacturers.
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The Best Cat Door: Things to Look For

Last Updated June 2019

Cats need time to venture outdoors from time to time to participate in their naturally feline behavior. They can scratch and climb on trees, exploring the natural world around them. No one wants to have to worry about opening and closing the door every time the cat has the urge to go outdoors. Installing a cat door means that they can go outdoors on their own. However, you will need to select the most appropriate pet door for your kitty.

Flap Size

Be sure to get a cat door that has an appropriate flap size for your cat’s size. Here is how you size it. Measure the width of your cat and add an inch to the measurement, to find the minimum width of the door. Next, measure across your cat’s chest or torso height. You should measure from its shoulder all the way to the lowest level of its tummy. Adding an inch of measurement to this number will give you the height of the cat door.

Shape and Flap Color

As cats tend to have wider bodies, it may be a good idea to choose a cat door that is more square than tall. Transparent flaps are the best choice for cats. Cats want to see where they are going.


There are a few different types of access that are offered by cat doors. Some freely open, but this allows other animals to get in as well. Some come with a 2-way lock. Others come with a 4-way locking system. These types of doors also allow you to let your cat in or out only. To decide on what you get, consider your pet’s needs, and if you are concerned about other animals getting inside of your home.


Selecting a cat door that is easy to install is critical. Selecting a cat door that has to be installed by a professional can become a costly venture. Reading consumer reviews will give you an idea of how easy or difficult the pet door is to put up.


Cat doors aren’t equally durable. Some are of mediocre quality, and some are made of more durable materials. Again, reading the reviews will help you decide which category the door falls into.