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Bottom Line


Performance Aluminum Dog Door
The highest-quality aluminum door at a low price point
Has a durable frame with weatherproof magnetic flaps

Endura Flap

Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door
Energy-efficient dog door
Has double flaps for added weatherproofing
Comes at a high price point


Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door
Designed to fit within a sliding glass door
Ideal for apartments or condos because you can take it with you 
Not Particularly well-insulated


Ruff Weather Pet Door for Doors
Available in various sizes
Decently constructed
Made entirely of plastic


Extreme Weather Energy-Efficient Pet Door
Has 3 flaps for extra weatherproofing
Available at a low price point
May be difficult to assemble

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Every product we review is purchased with our own funds. No freebies are ever accepted from product manufacturers.
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How to Choose the Right Dog Door

Before you purchase a dog door, take into consideration what breed your dog is. Size is always a factor that plays into buying the right dog door.

Avoid buying a small dog door just because you happen to have a puppy. Keep in mind that your puppy won’t be small forever. He or she is going to outgrow the door, lickety split! Because of this, your pet door should have an opening that reflects how big the dog is going to be once he or she has matured.

In order for you to determine the size of the dog door you need to buy, you will need to measure your dog. Here are the 4 measurements for you to take. Height is the first thing to measure. Measure from your dog’s paws to the lower part of the chest to the highest part of the shoulders. At the top of the shoulders, allow 2 inches.

Next, measure the width of one shoulder blade to the other, giving a 2-inch allowance. Logically, the weight of your dog also comes into play. Purchase a dog door whose weight correlates with the recommended weight of the dog door.

Be certain that the pet door is going to accommodate the thickness of your door or wall.

Security and Safety

Though it is important to purchase an energy-efficient doggie door, the level of security it provides is also crucial. The door’s locking mechanism should be sufficient. Some doggie doors have metal locking covers, and some don’t.

Quality Materials

To be certain that the dog door is going to last, be sure to purchase a dog door that is constructed of tough and premium quality materials that are corrosion and weather resistant. The flaps should be safe but flexible.

About Door Flaps

The flaps on your dog door should be sturdy enough to withstand strong bursts of wind. It is wise to select a door that has double flaps, so that there is extra insulation from harsh weather conditions.

Frame Structure

Consider what material the frame is constructed from. If it is made from a heavy-duty aluminum, it is likely to be more durable than if it is constructed from plastic. Think about if the material it is made of is going to be sufficient to prevent heat losses, and if it is going to be strong enough to deter chewing from your pup.