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Bottom Line

eXtreme Dog Fence®

Second Generation Professional Grade Package
The best-selling, highest-quality dog fence on the market today
Comes with 14-gauge dog fence wire. You get to choose the length and number of collars that you need
Not the cheapest on the market

eXtreme Dog Fence®

Second Generation Standard Grade Package
Select number of collars and wire length
Comes with the same collar and transmitter as the Professional kit
Comes with a thin 20-gauge wire


Electric Dog Fence
Has a powerful transmitter and collar
Transmitter can contain up to 100 acres of land
Collar is a bit bulky


Stubborn Dog Inground Fence
Great for dogs that are hard to contain 
Collar runs on 9-volt batteries
Collar is a bit bulky


Yardmax Pet Fence
One of the best fences made by Petsafe
Has a run-through prevention feature
The wire that comes in the kit is very thin

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Every product we review is purchased with our own funds. No freebies are ever accepted from product manufacturers.
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Buying the Best Electric Dog Fence

Last Updated June 2019

Our #1 Choice: eXtreme Dog Fence® Second Generation Prograde Package

According to our research, the eXtreme Dog Fence® Prograde system is the #1 choice in electric dog fences. If you are looking for an American-manufactured brand name that you can trust, then eXtreme is right for you.

Life is better with freedom. This is their company motto. An enhanced feeling of freedom is exactly what your dog gets with the Extreme Dog Fence. Having the right electric dog fence allows your dog the ability to roam, and gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your dog is being kept safe on your property.

There are several reasons why the eXtreme® Prograde version stands out above its competition.

The first thing to mention is the quality of the wire. Why is this so important? Because an electric dog fence is useless if there is even one little break in the wire. The eXtreme Prograde version comes with 14-gauge wire, that is thick, durable, UV-resistant and waterproof. This means you won’t have to worry about it breaking on you. The Prograde package also comes with 50 feet of twisted wire, which is used to connect your boundary loop to your transmitter.

Here are some other much-appreciated features of the eXtreme Dog Fence:

  • Lightweight, waterproof collar, appropriate for dogs weighing 8 pounds and up
  • Manufactured with Pride in the USA
  • Expandable up to an unlimited number of dogs
  • Can contain up to 10 acres of land
  • 7 different levels of correction to choose from, and a beep only mode to use for training

Our Runner Up: eXtreme Dog Fence® Second Generation Standard Package

You are likely wondering, what are the differences between the Standard version and the Prograde.

First of all, the collars and the transmitter are exactly the same in both kits.

The main difference is in the quality of the wire, and therefore in the cost of the kit. The standard kit comes with a 20-gauge wire, which is rather thin. 20-gauge wire is not as hefty as the Prograde wire, and must be buried beneath the ground. The standard kit does not come with twisted wire, so you will need to make your own out of your boundary wire. With that being said, it costs less than the prograde kit, so it is ideal for those who are looking to stay within a specific budget.

Our #3 Choice: SportDog Containment Fence

There is one specific thing that stands out about the SportDog Containment Fence. Its transmitter has the capacity to contain up to 100 acres of land. With that being said, it would take quite a lot of wire to cover that much acreage. Nevertheless, the strength of this transmitter is something that is very rare.

Another aspect that should be mentioned is the size of the collar. It runs on 9-volt batteries, which is a good thing. However, it is quite bulky, which is why it is designed to be worn on larger dogs. The strength of the correction is rather significant, which is another reason why it is not intended to be worn on smaller dogs.


  • Expandable up to 100 acres of land
  • Four levels of correction, plus a vibration only level
  • Designed for dogs 10 pounds and up
  • Expandable for an unlimited amount of dogs

Our #4 Choice: PetSafe Stubborn Dog Inground Fence

Do you have a large, strong-willed dog that may be harder to contain? The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence may be right for you. What makes it different than other systems? The correction levels of the collar are significantly stronger than most other containment collars. However, just like SportDog, the collar runs on 9-volt batteries and is rather bulky.


  • Has 5 levels of correction for you to choose from
  • Designed for larger dogs with a higher tolerance
  • Compatible with PetSafe Indoor Pet Barriers
  • Runs on Standard 9-volt batteries

Choice #5: PetSafe YardMax Inground Fence

The newest addition to the PetSafe family, is their Yardmax system. On the pricier side, the PetSafe Yardmax system has several features that are unique to it. First of all, let’s talk about its Yardmax feature. When it is in Yardmax mode, your dog is able to come right up to the wire before he or she receives a correction. This makes it an ideal choice for smaller properties.

In addition to this, when it is in Yardmax mode, its correction zone extends infinitely outward past the wire. The dog receives the correction when he crosses the wire, and he will continue to receive the correction for 15 seconds after he has crossed. Also unique to Yardmax is the welcome home feature. When the dog decides to come back into the yard, he or she will not receive a correction when entering back inside of the safe zone.

Here are some more benefits of the PetSafe Yardmax Dog Fence:

  • Rechargeable Collar
  • 5 Progressive Correction Levels
  • For Dogs Weighing 10 Pounds and Up
  • Transmitter has a 10 Acre Capacity
  • Compatible with PetSafe Indoor Pet Barriers