Small dog in hamburger costume
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Hot dog! This all-American pup is decked out and ready to make his Halloween debut.

Small cat in a bee yellow costume
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This precious kitten is sure to be all the buzz at her Halloween celebration.

Dog in a lion costume
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This king of the jungle looks tame enough to enjoy a good belly rub.

A cat with red cap and clothes
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Homey cat has his mind on his money, and money on his mind.

Dog in a Star Wars costume
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May the force be with you, Star Wars canine.

Kitty in a Mario Bros costume
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Stay away from the magic mushrooms, Mario kitty!

Dog with red olives in the head

Martinis, anyone?

Black cat with a black face mask

To the Batmobile, Batkitty!

Dog in a tiger costume
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Tony the Tiger, is that you? You’re Grrrreat!

Dog in a spaghetti with meatballs costume
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Now that’s ‘a spicy meatball!