According to Judy Muhe of Palmdale, Florida, she owes her life to her two golden retriever dogs, Higgins and Dodger.

Here is what happened. Judy fell in her kitchen, bruising her head and shattering her shoulder. Judy is elderly, lives alone and also suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Over the next 48 hours, she drifted in and out of consciousness.

As she lay on the floor unable to get up, her golden retrievers stayed right by her side. Not only was this comforting to Judy, the dogs kept her warm on her cold tile floor. Judy told ABC news that 10-year old Higgins cuddled up against her back and 4-year old Dodger laid on her feet and legs. She says that the dogs knew she was in distress and did their best to comfort her.

Judy laid in that spot on the floor for two days, until her friend Kathy Jacobs became concerned when Judy wasn’t answering her phone. Thankfully, Kathy had a spare key to Judy’s house and decided to come and check on her. When Kathy entered the home, the dogs immediately ran up to the door and then ran back to Judy, showing her that she was there.

Although Judy was dehydrated and required several surgeries to repair her shoulder, Judy made it out of this desperate situation. Judy feels she owes it all to her guardian angels, her two golden retriever dogs.

Judy explains, The main thing was they let me know I was not alone. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I just love my dogs so much.

Photo by Gulyás Bianka on Unsplash.