Formally known as Lykoi cats, werewolf cats began with the help of Johnny and Brittney Gobble, husband and wife who have been breeding them since 2010. Mr. Gobble is a veterinarian in his hometown of Vonore, Tennessee. Gobble explains, Lykoi get their unique appearance from a natural mutation in a domestic shorthair that gives the felines werewolf features and prevents them from growing a full coat of fur. Even the name, Lykoi means wolf in Greek.

Established in the International Cat Association™ cat registry in 2011, there are said to be only 230 registered Lykoi in the world. However, there are several Lykoi cats that have been found in the feral cat population, at around 20.

Werewolf cats are known to shed quite a bit and can even go bald sometimes. Because of this, some people wonder if they are related to the Sphynx cat, however they are not. They have unique hair patterns, have no undercoat and lack hair around their eyes, nose and muzzle.

The thickness or hairlessness of their coat varies on each individual cat and the climate where it is living. Werewolf kittens tend to shed a lot when they are older, but regrow their hair later in life.

Lykoi cats are known for their friendly demeanor and strong desire to play. On his website, Gobbles has this to say about their personality:

“I like to compare the Lykoi to hunting dogs. They are extremely loyal to their owners, very scent motivated and very intelligent. They are aware of everything going on around them. They can be clingy at times, but generally if you are too busy to snuggle, they will take ‘no’ as an answer and will go amuse themselves… as long as they are close enough to keep an eye on you.”

Thinking about having a wolfie of your own? Be prepared to wait for it. According to the Lykoi cats website, there are zero Lykoi kittens available at this time. They say it is because the few that are produced go back into breeding programs or placed into homes where they will be used for show.

With that being said, you can add your name to their waitlist. However, with the current popularity of the breed that is happening across the Internet, be prepared to wait a long time. In this case, having a cool-looking cat doesn’t come for free. The cost of a Black Roan is $2,500. A Black Tuxedo Lykoi costs $1800, and a Blue Lykoi is $1500. However, the only Lykoi color that is available through their waitlist is the most expensive one, the Black Roan. Add another $350 for shipping and this werewolf cat becomes quite an investment!

Are Lykoi cats worth the wait and the cost? That is for the cat lover to decide. Check out this video of a werewolf kitten at play.

Photo by 42 North on Unsplash.