Merrick markets their dog food as premium natural dog and cat food worthy of a fork. Merrick is a high-quality dog food brand that features human-grade ingredients. Its roots are in Amarillo, Texas, where Garth Merrick founded the company in 1988. Merrick is still a family-owned business that has a simple, yet innovative selection of dog foods that are all-natural.

About the Manufacturer

All of Merrick’s dog foods are manufactured in their plant in Hereford, Texas. Locally-sourced ingredients are used in the making of their dog foods, which is a plus. All of their manufacturing facilities and kitchens are up to par with the FDA’s strict standards. Merrick places a high priority on the quality of their ingredients. Here are the reasons this is true.

  • All of the ingredients in Merrick dog foods come from locally-sourced resources such as ranches and farms. Not even one ingredient comes from overseas.
  • All of Merrick’s dog foods are produced in-house, instead of being sourced out like some other dog food companies do. Not only this, but they also follow strict guidelines that are set by the FDA. Their kitchen and manufacturing facilities deserve 5 stars.
  • All of the ingredients in Merrick dog foods are 100% authentic, including the meat. No trace of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives can be found in their dog food.
  • None of Merrick’s dog foods have any fillers or by-products.
  • The top ingredient in all of Merrick’s dog foods is always fresh produce or USDA-inspected deboned meat.
  • Merrick has spent years researching nutrition and conducting taste tests in order to create a collection of high-quality recipes which contain the least amount of ingredients as possible. They focus on only including ingredients that are of value, instead of throwing in everything but the kitchen sink.

Review of Merrick’s Grain-Free Real Duck & Sweet Potato Dog Food

All breeds of dogs and dogs of all life stages can enjoy Merrick’s Grain-Free Real Duck & Sweet Potato recipe. Let’s see if this dog food deserves a 5-star rating. The primary ingredient in this formula is deboned duck. Although it is made of mostly water, duck still provides an adequate source of protein. The next two ingredients are salmon meal and turkey meal. A concentrated amount of protein can be found in turkey meal, and lots of Omega 3 fatty acids are present in salmon meal. More great ingredients follow, with sweet potatoes and lamb meal.

According to the manufacturer, your dog will get plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants thanks to the sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries and apples. In conclusion, after taking a look at all of the ingredients, it can be said that Merrick offers wholesome, top-rate products. We are quite impressed with the quality levels that Merrick dog food offers. After examining the ingredients and seeing that they comply with safe manufacturing practices, it is safe to say that Merrick Dog Food deserves a five-star rating. You can purchase Merrick dog food online, or at your local pet store.