Written By: Dr. Sarah J. Wooten, DVM: Renowned Veterinarian

In light of recalls putting your pet’s health at risk it pays to be an educated pet food consumer. Because there are several good dog foods out there, it is difficult to say which is best, because what might be best for one dog might not do for another. When selecting a pet food, try to choose a product that fits most of the following requirements:

Who makes the food?

The best pet foods make their own food. You have to be a bit of a sleuth when trying to figure this out sometimes, because pet food manufacturers often don’t want you to know who makes the food. For example, did you know that Taste of the Wild brand is made by Diamond Pet foods? This might give you pause before you purchase the food, because Diamond has been involved in multiple recalls.

Has the brand been recalled?

Even if the particular brand you are looking at has not been recalled, has the manufacturer or manufacturing plant been involved in a recall?

How would you find out about a recall of the product if one occurred? Unfortunately, most pet parents find out about recalls after their pet has eaten the food and become ill. Try to find a food that will notify you via phone or email if a recall ever occurs.

Where is the food made? Where are the ingredients from?

These are not the same thing. Choose foods that are made in America or Canada, and use ingredients that are from the U.S. or Canada.

How fresh is the food? When was it manufactured? How long has it been sitting on the shelf?

Where was the food before it got to the pet store shelf? Was it sitting in a hot tractor trailer, or cooking again on an airport tarmac? What is the cleanliness and temperature control of the distribution center?

Does the food utilize whole food ingredients? Does the food utilize animal proteins instead of plant proteins?

While dogs can survive on corn, it is not a good protein source for health and longevity of your dog.

Is the food manufactured in small, controlled batches? Does the food have a long history of excellence? 15 years or more?

I do believe that Life’s Abundance is one pet food that embodies most, if not all, of these qualities. Life’s Abundance is shipped direct to the consumer and each bag is tracked. Life’s Abundance has never been recalled, but if that ever happened, Life’s Abundance knows where every bag is and will alert the consumer. Life’s Abundance products are fresh, expertly formulated by a veterinarian, and contributes to the overall health and wellness of your dog.