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Pet Ami

Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

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Airline-Approved carrier for pets up to 15 pounds


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I-Go2 Roller Backpack

Five products in one: carrier, car seat, backpack, roller bag and tote

For pets up to 25 pounds



Good Ventilation Soft Pet Backpack Carrier
For dogs up to 13 pounds
Has mesh sides for good ventilation


Pet Backpack Carrier
Can be worn in the front or in the back
Has an inside soft fleece pad to keep your pet extra comfy

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Every product we review is purchased with our own funds. No freebies are ever accepted from product manufacturers.
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Choosing the Right Small Dog Backpack

Last Updated June 2019

As a dog owner, many people feel that it is normal to want to bring your pet along with you wherever you venture. Many people consider their dogs to be a part of their family, and your dog likely enjoys spending time with you as well. So, it is always a good thing to find an easy and effective solution to take them along with you. A dog backpack carrier is a great solution.

The great thing about dog backpack carriers is that you will have your hands free to do whatever you need to do, and also your dog will be able to soak in their surroundings. Because backpacks are usually used for hiking and the like, your dog will enjoy being able to remain close to you and view the world around them without becoming too tired. The right dog backpack carrier for your pet should fulfill your personal preferences and needs, while keeping your dog comfortable and safe.

There are many reasons why you should consider a dog backpack over other carrier types. It all depends on the type of travel you are going to do, what types of gear you are going to bring with you, and your dog’s temperament. Let’s examine a few things you should consider before choosing the right one for your doggie.

Features of a Doggie Backpack

Specific features should be kept in mind, no matter what you plan on using the backpack for. These will help to keep your dog safe and offer you peace of mind. Look for the following qualities before you make your final decision on a doggie backpack.

Zippers that will lock

Ideally, your pet’s backpack should not have inside zippers. This will help prevent your dog from breaking the zipper or pulling it open.

Smart overall design

Consider your own support in addition to the comfort and support of your dog. If they are doing to be on your back and shoulders, the backpack should have comfy shoulder straps and should be highly durable, so that it can be carried for long periods of time.

Made of quality material

Selecting the right material is crucial. It should be ventilated properly, yet durable enough so that your dog can’t chew or claw their way out of it. Be sure to also choose a material that is easy to clean. Accidents are bound to happen, and if you are going to use the bag a lot, it will need to stay clean. Choosing a machine-washable material is ideal. Another option is to choose a backpack with an interior that is removable so that it can be washed.

Has additional storage

As it is likely that you will be taking your backpack on a travel journey, extra storage can be a big help. Look for a bag that includes storage pockets on the side, where you can store your own personal belongings or doggie necessities.

By keeping some of these features in mind, choosing the right backpack for your doggie can be easy as pie. You will also become more confident, knowing that the carrier is safe and comfy for the both of you.